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Queen’s Park Farmers’ Market

Posted by Jackie on November 4, 2007

Every first and third Saturday of the month, there is a farmers’ market in Queen’s Park on the south side of the city. It’s only small, but sells all sorts of organic and/or locally produced veg, meat, cake, puddings, Indian food, soap, ostrich burgers (that well-known Scottish delicacy!) etc. I always try to buy my veg from here – it always seems so much tastier than the veg from the supermarket.

I like this photo as it also shows the view down Victoria Road towards the city centre. The depth of field (which I have to admit was more luck than judgment) makes the city centre look really close (it is in fact a 15 minute or so bus ride from here).

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  2. Gails_man said

    I wonder if they are the same farmers that run our market once a month. Ostrich meat is delicious.

  3. Even if it is by accident, that’s an excellent effect.

    Never been to the market there – isn’t parking a bit of a problem?

  4. Jackie said

    Parking’s not a problem for me – I live round the corner! On the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s the market is in Partick somewhere, so a bit closer to you I think.

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  6. Shorty said

    Those buses in the center of the photo look just like the buses in San Antonio. Ostrich meat huh? Never had that, I wonder if it’s available in San Antonio. I think the most exotic thing I’ve ever eaten is either deer or rabbit meat.

  7. Barb said

    We have a farmers market but nothing this big.

  8. Nice view! Did you take this photo from a bridge?

  9. blueboat said

    Great shot of the city – I don’t think I’ve ever been to this part of Glasgow. The farmers market looks great.

  10. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Hi Fenix – no, the market is at the bottom of a small hill, so I walked a little way up the hill then zoomed in. I guess that must be how I got the interesting depth of field.

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