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Face painting

Posted by Jackie on November 5, 2007

This woman is nearly always at the Farmers’ Market. Whatever the weather, you can guarantee she’ll add a bit of colour to the day (and perhaps to the face too!).

7 Responses to “Face painting”

  1. Is that what you call ‘clowning around’?

  2. I’ve just come from seeing your comment on Honest Man’s blog – have put a link to your Glasgow DP on my post at Hyde DP today.

  3. Denton said

    It appears there is lots of fun to be had as well as good vegetables at the Farmer’s Market. I have posted several photos of our farmer’s market in the past. In one of the previous post I included a list of Open Air Markets around the City Daily Photo community. I will add a link to your photo there as well.

  4. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Thank you, Honest Man, Gerald and Denton, for the links.

  5. Curly said

    She certainly adds a dash of colour to the plaice (do they sell fish?)

    Thanks for your recent comments at South Shields Daily Photo

  6. Shorty said

    I love this pic. I wonder how she gets her braids to do the curling up thing. I like how she does her eyes too. Such a simple thing and I would have never thought about it.

  7. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Curly: *groan* 🙂
    Shorty: I suspect it involves wire somehow! I like her eyes too, I’ve not seen that before but it is fun.

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