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Posted by Jackie on November 7, 2007

The bulk of the exhibitors for National Green Day were in a specially constructed marquee on George Square. This shows the corner which contained Glasgow City Council’s stalls, explaining what the council is doing, giving information about community resources etc. I liked the funky flower bins – I wonder if more of these were around, people would separate their waste better?

7 Responses to “Recycling”

  1. Gails_man said

    Thanks for the message about yesterday’s pun title. I always try and think up catchy titles for my photos. For your photo today, I might have used: “Not a Waste of Time” or “Time Not Wasted”. Like the flower design of the bins.

  2. Katya said

    Jackie, I hopped over from Honest Man’s blog, and I have to say, I love your photos!!! I SO dream of visiting Scotland, but alas, it will probably only remain a dream. It is so wonderful seeing photos from Scotland, so I can live vicariously!!! I enjoy your photos from Glasgow…thank you for sharing!!!

  3. alice said

    Another sort of strange flowers! Thank you for visiting ArradonDP

  4. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Gail’s man: thanks – I wasn’t feeling too inspired for a title for today. I probably have plenty of groany puns up my sleeve if I think about it!
    Katya: you’re welcome! Glad you enjoy the photos.
    Alice: thanks for the comment – it seems to be a flowery DP day today!

  5. Are those bins going to be placed on streets all over the city?

  6. blueboat said

    Very cute bins – great idea to make them look pretty – I’m sure it would encourage people – and particularly children – to use them.

  7. glasgowdailyphoto said

    I’d love it if they did appear all over the city, Fenix. I don’t know what they’re going to do with them though – I certainly haven’t seen any around other than at this exhibition.

    And welcome Blueboat too, thanks for dropping by 🙂

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