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City Biodiversity

Posted by Jackie on November 8, 2007

Reading this display on Glasgow’s biodiversity, the types of habitats and different types of wildlife that can be found in the city, was fascinating. For a big city, we have a lot of green spaces (I’ll hopefully show you several of them at some point).

I have to say, the main wildlife I’ve seen round about my flat has been big spiders – I’m not so enthusiastic about them!

4 Responses to “City Biodiversity”

  1. Annie said

    Sometimes the big spiders eat the little flies and other unwanted bugs.

    It’s nice to visit your place today. Thanks for coming by mine.

  2. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Yeah, I know the spiders are the good guys – but that doesn’t stop me being scared of them!

  3. The name Glasgow means “dear green place”.

  4. One of the things I always loved about Glasgow was its parks – Kelvingrove was one of my favourites.

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