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Glasgow University

Posted by Jackie on November 13, 2007

Glasgow University will probably feature quite a lot on this blog. I am a student there, and as you can see it is rather photogenic. This view is from Kelvingrove Park. It was taken this time last year – we’ve had blue skies this November too, but also plenty of rain, wind and everything in between, often all on the same day! I like this photo as the trees have managed to just about hide a hideous concrete and glass monstrosity (presumably providing more classrooms) that sits between the trees and the main university building. What were they thinking?!

5 Responses to “Glasgow University”

  1. Weboj said

    Wow! With a campus like that, I don’t think I’d get any studying done. Sigh!!!!!!!!!1

  2. alice said

    May I ask you what you study?

  3. Curly said

    It’s a nice view, don’t they have a nice quaint accent in Kelvingrove.

  4. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Thank you!

    Weboj: thank you I think I shall use that as my excuse 😉
    Alice: I’m doing a PhD in Central and East European Studies. Hence, when I get my act together, I will also be producing Sibiu Daily Photo as I spent a few months there earlier this year.
    Curly: I guess quaint is one way of putting it!

  5. I love this sunny view. It certainly shows how the trees have grown and block the view of the side of the building – compare it with this from 1966

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