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Posted by Jackie on November 20, 2007

Merchant City is the area of the city just to the east of the city centre. As its name implies, it was the main trading area of the city. Over the last few years it has been regenerated and now hosts businesses, concert halls, restaurants, expensive new housing, and even its own festival.

These silver signs appear in a number of places to demarcate the boundary between the city centre and Merchant City.

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  1. I have not noticed your blog before. Welcome! Glasgow is one of my favorite cities. It is so much more beautiful and sophisticated than most Americans realize and the architecture is so gorgeous. If my countrymen think of it, they probably imagine belching smokestacks at Clydeside from years past.

    You obviously know how to handle a camera. This photo is very droll. The merchants’ brains have been spun around a bit.

  2. maria said


  3. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Thank you, Strangetastes, welcome to my blog! Thanks for the compliment – I have the simplest ‘point and press’ little digital camera, I’m clueless with anything more complicated! It was the blue sky that made me decide to take it from this angle, if I’d taken it with the writing the right way round the background would have been so cluttered. I was really pleased with the result though.

    Maria – glad you could stop by 🙂

  4. Alex said


  5. Katya said


    I LOVE this photo!!! Being a “through and through” leftie, I LOVE reading things backwards, as well as upside down. Not sure how that translates, but I always attribute such curious behaviors to my handedness!

    The harsh steel sign contrasts so well against the blue of the sky. Wonderful photo!

  6. Good photo – even better title!

  7. Great shot. I often try to find objects against a blue sky. Keep it up!

  8. blueboat said

    Good photo – Cafe Gandolfi was in the merchant city area I think – is it still there?

  9. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Hi Blueboat, yes I believe Cafe Gandolfi is still there.

  10. Heather said

    heh. this reminds me of a photo from flickr which shows the signs out of the shop. I believe they were designed by a company who actually have their offices within merchant city as well, which i would say is pretty fitting.

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