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Govanhill Glade

Posted by Jackie on November 22, 2007

It’s been a really wet and miserable day so I didn’t take any pictures, here’s one from the archives instead. Govanhill Glade is a little garden created on a small derelict patch of land not far from where I live. It was created and is maintained for the community by Govanhill Recycling and Environmental Action Team (GREAT), who are part of the Govanhill Housing Association. I love the little splash of colour it provides, as well as the opportunity to take my compostable waste there (living in a tenement flat, we don’t have a green waste service sadly).

This picture was taken in autumn of last year. Earlier this year when I took my stuff to the compost bin, I saw that all of the flower beds had disappeared and there were tyre tracks in the ground. Chatting with one of the guys who works for GREAT, it transpired that the land was being targeted for housing redevelopment. I was really upset, and wrote to councillors and both UK and Scottish Parliament members (as did a number of other people who appreciate the garden). From the various replies I got, it seems that the land was always meant to be a temporary garden and that the redevelopment would be aimed at social housing, which I suppose is better than yet more posh unaffordable flats, but I do think it’s so sad that the garden, which is such a lovely community resource (they also provide training and work experience for unemployed youngsters and volunteers doing gardening, courtyard clearance etc), is earmarked for closure and to be built on. At the moment the flower beds have reappeared and the garden is still being faithfully tended – I understand that if the permission for redevelopment goes ahead it will be another year before anything happens, so supposedly there is time to identify other areas where a garden could be created.

7 Responses to “Govanhill Glade”

  1. Melinda said

    I am so excited to find your blog! welcome to the daily photo community! My family just traveled to Scotland on a home exchange in July 07, and I loved your country – we stayed mainly in Aberdeen.

  2. Space is always a problem in the city – too many trying to compete for too little.

    I like the photo though.

  3. annie said

    Hi Jackie,
    Thank you for posting about this garden and its transition to low-to-middle income housing. Perhaps you could rewrite again and suggest that some space be set aside, in the housing development, for a garden space. Can’t we have both?

  4. Rob said

    Lovely little garden, too bad it is scheduled to become more housing. I too understand the need for affordable housing. But greenspace is just as necessary for urban living. I hope you find a new graden in the future.

  5. maria said

    love it…


  6. its really sad to see the garden away because i know that your are going to build houses for people to teacher told me it at Annette Street Primary School….

  7. Govanhill Glade looks a webit diffrent now…

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