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Wellington and his headgear

Posted by Jackie on November 25, 2007

If you see any tourist site or leaflet about Glasgow, the chances are it will feature this statue of Wellington, outside the front of the Gallery of Modern Art. It’s not the world’s most riveting statue, but for years now it has been famous because of the (often successful) attempts to give Wellington a traffic cone hat. Sometimes for a change he has a yellow cone, but usually it’s one of these red and white ones – it’s not a small statue, and the cones are pretty heavy, so I think it would actually be quite a feat to get up there to crown him, especially if the person doing the crowning had had a few beers (which I suspect is usually the case!).

As I understand it, for years the council would have their workers remove the cone, but have now more or less given up, as it is such a Glasgow landmark now and symbol of the Glasgow spirit. There’s even a flickr group dedicated to it!

10 Responses to “Wellington and his headgear”

  1. Jules said

    What a hoot – shows what a great sense of humour we Scots have (I’m part Scot – my grandfather was a Jaffrey from Raxton outside Aberdeen)

    I bet old Wellington is enjoying the attention and sees the funny side of it!!!!

  2. I’ve posted a photo of this in the past – it really is a tribute to the Glasgow sense of humour. Sometimes, just for a change, the cone is put on the horse’s head or even on both on occasions.

  3. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Indeed, it always makes me smile. I think this is the only time I’ve seen a second cone on the horse’s backside though!

  4. Marie said

    That is certainly a little sacrilegious but it is hilarious too :-)) They do the same in Aigues-Mortes, a city close to Montpellier, which was buit under Saint Louis (long ago!). There is a big statue of the king on the big square. Most of the time the king holds a bottle of beer in his hand…..

  5. Well, it makes me laugh !!! Great idea to share with us this “Glasgow spirit” I love so much

  6. I saw this photo this morning (I thought I had left a comment, btw), it put a smile on my face. Then, in the afternoon, I thought of you when I saw a couple of traffic cones near a monument! ;D

  7. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Marie, I love the thought of the king with a bottle of beer – that’s hilarious!

  8. joy said

    It’s the same everywhere, isn’t it? I suppose it is slightly amusing 😀

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo.


  9. Rob said

    You have to admire the determination of the cone hatters. LOL Hilarious! I’ll have to check out that flickr group, this looks kind of fun.

  10. ro_pumpkin said

    if this kind of glasgow humor will reach brasov it will probably mutate into vandalism . it’s funny but it really depends .

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