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Posted by Jackie on November 26, 2007

Just behind the Wellington statue (see yesterday’s photo) is the Gallery of Modern Art. I’m a big fan of modern art, but to be honest I often find the GOMA building more rewarding than the exhibits. I understand though that the GOMA has just won some extra funding so I’m looking forward to seeing what art they buy with it.

The neoclassical building was built in 1778 as a townhouse for a wealthy tobacco lord, and has had a number of different uses subsequently – for a while it housed the Royal Bank of Scotland, then became the Royal Exchange (the square where the museum is is still known as Royal Exchange Square) which is when it got the cupola and the Corinthian pillars. In the 1950s it housed a library for a while, and it has been the modern art gallery since 1996.

5 Responses to “GOMA”

  1. What a nice photo. I know what you mean about the building being more rewarding than the exhibits. I have felt the same about a couple of museums. Corinthian capitals have always been my favorite. Beautiful things.

  2. Isadora said

    It would be a great place to visit. Judging by the stained glass on the facade – lots of photo ops and wonderful memories.

  3. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Exactly – I’ve got lots of photos of various bits of the building (inside and out) but the exhibits were always disappointing in comparison.

  4. Gwen said

    Interesting photograph, it describes well what looks to be a blend of different architectural styles in one building.

  5. joy said

    That looks like a really good place to go for artsy fartsy people. I wouldn’t mind visiting.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo.


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