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Radiance Festival 1 – Ramshorn

Posted by Jackie on November 27, 2007

This past weekend Glasgow played host to a festival called Radiance, which showcased a number of light installations in the Merchant City. Over the next few days I’ll show you some of them (mainly selected by the criteria of not being a rubbish photo – as you can imagine, taking pictures of light installations can be a bit hit and miss, especially with a little ‘point and press’ camera like mine!).

This first one is of what I thought was a church (presumably it used to be a church) but is now the Ramshorn Theatre. The colours both of the light washing the exterior of the building and of the upper window both regularly changed – in the few minutes I was there I saw reds, blues and greens amongst others.

5 Responses to “Radiance Festival 1 – Ramshorn”

  1. You perhaps know how much I love night photos. In fact this one is superb. I like how violet fade up to the black of the night with -as contrast- just one lighted window. Really Great !

  2. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Thank you – I was really pleased with it too. It just needs a bat flying past the yellow window to make it perfect!

  3. Dan said

    what a great idea for a festival! I think your picture is great. Favrizio is right, I think the colors fade into one another wonderfully and highlight the warm inviting light of the window.

  4. ro_pumpkin said

    uuuuuu … really nice and a bit spooky .

  5. For those who might be interested in the
    history of the building.

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