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Bridges over the Clyde

Posted by Jackie on December 2, 2007

This was the other photo I considered using for yesterday’s Bridges theme day. It was taken whilst walking along the Clyde Walkway, and actually features bits of six bridges – can you spot them all? 🙂

I’m away for the weekend so won’t be able to reply to comments or comment on other blogs till I’m back on Monday.

6 Responses to “Bridges over the Clyde”

  1. ro_pumpkin said

    i like this one better . why are you so greedy ? 6 bridges in one shot ? hahaha

  2. Congratulations on a splendid photo – it is quite intriguing 😉 You may also enjoy viewing the Glasgow photographs which had been uploaded to trivago.
    Best wishes from Cape Town,

  3. Superb photograph. It foreshortens the distance between the bridges, but I’ll forgive you that since the effect is excellent.

  4. Jackie said

    Thank you everyone – Honest Man, actually if you stand at the same point that’s exactly what it looks like, I didn’t do anything fancy with the camera at all! I remember stopping in my tracks when I saw it.

  5. Gerald said

    It’s a super shot as regards persepective – I’ll take your word for the number otherwise I’ll end up with eyestrain.

  6. What a fantastic photo! I want to see those wonderful bridges in person! I hope one day soon. In the meantime, I’m going to try to find them with Google maps and see how they look from above.

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