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And now for something completely different …

Posted by Jackie on December 3, 2007

Well, obviously you’d have a stuffed giraffe and a Spitfire in the same gallery – whyever not?!

This is a photo from one of the main halls in the wonderful Kelvingrove Museum, which will be another rich source of photos for this blog. I love that it’s a mix of ancient and modern, serious and surreal, with a heady dash of bonkers thrown into the mix – it’s a great museum in a lovely building. Expect to see more delights in the future! 🙂

4 Responses to “And now for something completely different …”

  1. ro_pumpkin said

    art galleries and museums are confusing . anything goes ? i don’t know … hahaha .
    my favourite 3 posts from your blog for november are : nov 10 – saturday shopping ; nov 18 – city chambers ; nov 27 – ramshorn .thank you

  2. Before its substantial renovation, the Galleries used to be filled in an old-fashioned way with limited visitors. Now…………

  3. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Thanks Ro_pumpkin – what a good idea, I shall check out your pictures and get back to you on my favourites.

    Honest Man – yes, the renovation certainly seems to have done the trick, the museum is always full of people whenever I’ve been there.

  4. Surreal! And cute :). I’d love to see the other photos you took of this museum.

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