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Kibble Palace (2) – entrance

Posted by Jackie on December 6, 2007

As you walk into the Kibble Palace, this is the view that greets you. The reflection in the lake is gorgeous, and a very striking image in real life as well as in pictures!

7 Responses to “Kibble Palace (2) – entrance”

  1. Very beautiful. Is that a reflecting pool or a fountain? Gorgeous, yes. What a place.

  2. I can remember when this pool had no railing around it and little children, much to the annoyance of Park Attendants, used to splash in it. {No over-protection from Health and Safety rules – parents were responsible).

  3. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Fenix, it’s a reflecting pool. The effect, with all the glass up above and all around, is really striking.

    Honest Man –!! The H&S brigade would have a fit at that now!

  4. Rob said

    Beautiful, stunning reflection!

  5. ro_pumpkin said

    so , so pretty ! i love botanical gardens and places like this one . the shapes and that white , plus the reflection . very nice .

  6. ro_pumpkin said

    oh , don’t worry about the chimney , i’m sure he’ll force the door open , hungry for your pie .

  7. Lara said

    great reflection indeed! and wonderful photos on this blog! glad to find it!

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