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Queen’s Park in the fog

Posted by Jackie on December 21, 2007

Thursday saw Glasgow covered in freezing fog all day. This is a picture from Queen’s Park, not far from where I live – can you feel the cold?

The fog has been a problem because on Wednesday there was a tragic accident on the River Clyde west of Glasgow (not far from the airport) where a tug boat capsized. Three of the four men on board are missing, presumed dead. Because of the fog (and also because of the proximity to the airport) the authorities have been unable to do an aerial search to assist those searching the river and the river bank. According to the BBC website, the search will begin again in the morning.

11 Responses to “Queen’s Park in the fog”

  1. Pat said

    Oh, superb capture, Jackie! Love the mystery of this shot. But I like foggy weather.


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  2. Jim said

    The fog is lovely when walking down a tree lined street as in your photo; but we forget how dangerous it can be on the water. I hope the men are rescued.

  3. You told me you were shooting fog pictures and you did an excellent job. This picture would be good without the figure in the dim distance but that lone person – in red, no less – makes this exceptional. We are expected to have fog in the morning but, since I have to get to work fairly early, I don’t know if I will be able to get any of it. However, my Friday post will have a penguin theme.


  4. chuckeroon said

    Hallo, Jackie…….I don’t think that any of the last few pictures are “accidental” (but you are right). Who said “Let the picture come to you”?

    Nice to see you on R u T (ironically I have just made a light hearted reference to the Upper Clyde on R u T).

    I was very sorry to hear the news about the tug.

  5. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Thank you – I was really pleased with this picture. And when I saw the woman in red I was just hoping I could get the camera out in time (hands were frozen stiff!) before she was too close to object to being in the picture!

  6. Katya said

    Jackie, you captured the “mysterious” nature of fog very well! Excellent photo!

    What a tragedy about the tugboat. That is just so very sad. Fog is certainly no friend to man!

  7. Aigars said

    He, reminds me Others….the movie:) Great shot

  8. Very atmospheric – and even down on the coast it’s been cold!

  9. Lara said

    mysterious! a wonderful shot! I wish you by now all the best for Christmas and New Year, looking forward for more photos next year! La multi ani si sarbatori fericite!

  10. How tragic for the families of those men…especially at this time of year 😦

    The picture is stunning Jackie! Aboslutely beautiful capture.

  11. glasgowdailyphoto said

    Thank you everyone. Latest news is that two of the men’s bodies have been found – they are still looking for the boat’s captain. What a tragedy.

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