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St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral

Posted by Jackie on December 29, 2007

Glasgow is blessed with a number of fine cathedrals. The one that is commonly known as “The Cathedral” is the cathedral of the Church of Scotland, which is the established church this side of the border. St Mary’s here, on Great Western Road, is the Episcopal Cathedral – as I’m a member of the Scottish Episcopal Church I thought I’d show you my lot first! 😉 The Scottish Episcopal Church is a denomination of the Anglican Church, so it is in communion with the Church of England. Clergy of the church do sometimes get a bit annoyed at it being referred to as “the English church” – it is still a distinctly Scottish denomination.

Now, can you keep a secret? I said I would tell you today why I’m away. Well, today is my wedding day 😀 which is why my blogging here will be a bit erratic for a couple of weeks. Photos will appear (thanks to the wonders of modern technology) till 31st Dec, and then I’ll take a short break from blogging till the 12th. It’s a pretty good excuse though, you must admit!

5 Responses to “St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral”

  1. jules said

    Oh Jackie – wow – a wedding – this is the first I know for the Daily Blog Family. I wish you both every joy on your great day. I’ve been married 29 years so i guess the only advice I have is “Love and be kind to each other”.

    Please send a photo – would love to see it!!!

  2. Congratulations. I’ve been married 35 and a bit years and I still don’t know how my wife puts up with me!

  3. chuckeroon said

    Wishing you great happiness, Jackie.

  4. ro_pumpkin said

    you have got to be kidding ! really ? wow ! so great ! and you have so many things to do … when i write this you’re married already so i can only hope everything was perfect . all the best and be happy ! the traditional romanian wish for weddings is “casă de piatră !” = house of stone . enjoy your honey-2-weeks !

  5. Katya said

    A hearty Congratulations, Jackie! How very exciting for you!!!!! Blessings and may you have many wonderful years and happy times together!!!!

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