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Queen’s Park in the fog

Posted by Jackie on December 21, 2007

Thursday saw Glasgow covered in freezing fog all day. This is a picture from Queen’s Park, not far from where I live – can you feel the cold?

The fog has been a problem because on Wednesday there was a tragic accident on the River Clyde west of Glasgow (not far from the airport) where a tug boat capsized. Three of the four men on board are missing, presumed dead. Because of the fog (and also because of the proximity to the airport) the authorities have been unable to do an aerial search to assist those searching the river and the river bank. According to the BBC website, the search will begin again in the morning.

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Posted by Jackie on December 20, 2007

You lot are all far too clever for me (and of course An Honest Man got the answer right), yesterday’s mystery pic was indeed a bridge. The Clyde Arc is a new road bridge (opened in September 2006) linking Finnieston and the Exhibition Centre with Pacific Quay on the south side of Glasgow. The BBC have recently moved to new studios on Pacific Quay, having previously been based in the West End, and apparently the building of the bridge was one of the prerequisites for them to agree to the move south of the river.

Although it is officially called the Clyde Arc, absolutely everyone knows it as “the Squinty Bridge”. I’ve no idea why. But clearly it’s not just Londoners who give their bridges nicknames (I was living in London during the Wobbly Bridge saga). It reminds me a bit of the arch that we see fairly often on St Louis Daily Photo – in fact I met up with a couple of friends from St Louis recently when they travelled through Glasgow, and they definitely thought the Squinty Bridge was inspired by their arch.

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Mystery view

Posted by Jackie on December 19, 2007

This is an odd view from one of Glasgow’s newest features – can you guess what it is? (Scottish readers aren’t allowed to guess till later in the day! – if you know already it’s kind of obvious whichever angle the photo is taken from). I’ll show you the answer tomorrow!

Thanks for the various good wishes, blasts of Florida sun and alcohol. It’s starting to do the trick and I don’t feel quite so rough now. I’m certainly well enough to visit other blogs again – hopefully I’m not contagious! 🙂

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Dancing lights

Posted by Jackie on December 18, 2007

For some different, non-Christmassy lights today, I’m taking you back to the Clyde Walkway, alongside the river. When I saw this from a distance I thought it was an arty sculpture, but as I got closer I saw it was a couple of lights, used to illuminate the underside of one of the bridges over the river (quite a lot of the bridges are illuminated in this way, leading to some lovely reflections once it gets dark). Something about these made me think of two people dancing.

I’m sorry I haven’t visited quite as many blogs as usual over the last couple of days. I have caught a cold and am feeling very sorry for myself, so haven’t spent as much time online as I feel so rough! Hopefully normal service will resume soon!

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more Christmas lights, Buchanan Street

Posted by Jackie on December 17, 2007

Still in Buchanan Street, a few of the lights are a little less traditional than usual. I seem to remember reading that they were the winners of a competition for local kids to design some Christmas lights this year. They have traditional Santa/reindeer type designs too, but I did like this one (although I must admit I’m not *entirely* sure how it fits into the Christmas theme!).

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Christmas tree, Buchanan Street

Posted by Jackie on December 16, 2007

Moving away from George Square (I expect I’ll be back there soon!), but still in the centre of town, here are some of the lights in Buchanan Street. There are a few of these trees along Buchanan Street and Argyle Street, and a couple flanking the statue of Wellington (the statue with the traffic cone on his head, that I showed you before) outside the Gallery of Modern Art as well. I really like these trees – I’d be quite happy with one myself! (but if any of them go missing, it wasn’t me officer!)

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Don’t mess with me!

Posted by Jackie on December 15, 2007

Still in George Square, there are two lions which stand guard at the war memorial just in front of the City Chambers. I hadn’t really paid them much attention before, but I have to say they do look rather regal and not to be messed with – I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this one!

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George Square angel

Posted by Jackie on December 14, 2007

I thought as I’d done several ‘dark’ shots in a row it was time for another one in daylight. This is still lights-related though – a close up of the structure of the blue angels that have appeared in previous photos.

It’s probably also worth noting that this isn’t a black and white photo – unfortunately the sky really was that colour!

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Christmas tree, George Square

Posted by Jackie on December 13, 2007

This is the main Christmas tree in Glasgow this year, still in George Square. If you look closely you will see under the (oh so subtlely* lit) column there is an ice skating rink, with skaters zooming round the bottom of the column.

* Note for grammar and spelling pedants (of whom I’m normally one): I’m sure I didn’t spell that correctly! But none of my other attempts looked right either!

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Christmas lights – George Square again

Posted by Jackie on December 12, 2007

This is an example of the blingier aspect of George Square’s Christmas lights. I’m aware I’m sounding like Scrooge – I do actually love Christmas! – but I think as I’m getting older my tastes are becoming more minimalist, which is something you can’t really accuse these lights of being!

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