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Posted by Jackie on January 13, 2008

All over the city centre there seems to be building work going on. Some builders have made a bit of an effort though to hide the scaffolding and not spoil the view too much by covering it with a drawn-on building. It’s an interesting effect I think!

Thanks for the good wishes. Sorry this photo is a bit late going up today, returning from honeymoon yesterday ended up being a bit of an adventure (the car died in the middle of Scottish nowhere in the dark and cold and we had to be rescued and brought home! Certainly a dramatic start to married life!) so by the time we got home the last thing I was in the mood for was blogging!

2 Responses to “Scaffolding”

  1. Just one of the many stops and starts you’ll meet along the road of married life!!

  2. Kostas said

    Very good blog, with good photographs and comments appreciable.

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