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Posted by Jackie on January 14, 2008

The Beresford on Sauchiehall Street was built in 1938 and is known as Glasgow’s first skyscraper (it’s a whopping 10 storeys high 😉 ). It was originally a hotel, but after the war when demand for hotel rooms dropped it became an office block. It was also for a while a hall of residence for Strathclyde University, but it was sold to developers in 2003 and has been reconverted into private apartments (expensive ones, I believe, given the city centre location and the building’s prominence as an example of Art Deco architecture).

7 Responses to “Beresford”

  1. susan said

    Wow! What a great old building. It looks really modern. Definitely not one thinks of when picturing Scotland!

  2. Gails_man said

    That is a wonderful and stunning example of Art Deco architecture. It’s a shame architects aren’t that good at designing such buildings today. All they seem to manage is square glass boxes. I have an example today.

  3. I noticed a two bedroom flat there for sale at £155,000 – presumably offers over – which is not as high as I would have thought.

  4. Ineke said

    Great looking building and nice contrast in colours

  5. o my giddy aunt – I stayed there when it was a hall of residence – 1966 that was – it didn’t have that red thing on the facade — Baird Hall it was called [after John Logie Baird] – there was an exhibit in the foyer featuring one of the first televisions. If memory serves me well, I think it was briefly a hotel before the University took it over.

  6. Lara said

    welcome back! with a lot of nice photos!

  7. Looks great. I lived there when I was a student at Strathclyde in 1970-71, and Baird Hall was a hall of residence. It was painted battleship grey or suchlike then, so anything is an improvement.

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