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Cinema for All

Posted by Jackie on January 19, 2008

This mosaic is in the entrance hall of the Glasgow Film Theatre, which is my favourite cinema here. Although it does show some Hollywood films (usually the earnest Hollywood stuff rather than the leave-your-brains-outside-the-door Hollywood stuff) it is mainly the principal place in Glasgow to see art-house and foreign films. I took this picture a while ago but am posting it as we are off to the GFT this evening to see a film which I’ve been trying to see for months (for the Romanians among my readers, it’s “4,3,2” – I’m not expecting it to be a cheerful evening). Glasgow has an annual film festival which starts soon – I wish I was rich and had lots of time, as there are so many films I’d love to see!

4 Responses to “Cinema for All”

  1. That mosaic is beautiful and very colorful. It must be a wonderful cinema. I agree with you about the Hollywood style flicks shown at most cinema complexes. Although, I sometimes have been accused of leaving my brains someplace else at times:)

  2. Lara said

    great thing! looks indeed really nice!

  3. Lara said

    nooooooo, no debate :). I truly agree with you – I don’t like Bucharest either. What I mean is that sometimes I am surprised to the nice things you can find there…

  4. Lara said

    brrrrrrrr, “4,3,2” is a really depressing one…

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