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Celtic Connections (3) – Moishe’s Bagel

Posted by Jackie on January 28, 2008

On Friday we went to see a band called Moishe’s Bagel (who play a hybrid of Jewish klezmer, Balkan, jazzy, trad sort of music) at the Classic Grand. Eagle-eyed Glaswegian readers will notice that this is in fact a picture not of the Classic Grand at all but of the Old Fruitmarket again (a great venue which will be the subject of a separate post sometime). I’m glad to say though that it really is a picture of Moishe’s Bagel – it’s just that because I was at the front and side of the stage at the Classic Grand most of the band were hidden behind the speakers, which obviously didn’t make ideal photography conditions, so instead I am posting this picture of the band from when they played at last year’s festival (where they supported a band called the Klezmatics – personally I thought Moishe’s Bagel were much better, and was really pleased to see that they had a headline gig this year).

I like in this picture that you can see, particularly with the violin player, the energy and movement, it’s not a static image, and I was particularly pleased with it as I didn’t use a tripod or anything – just a 4-5 second exposure and a very deep breath as I leant over the balcony!

2 Responses to “Celtic Connections (3) – Moishe’s Bagel”

  1. Lara said

    Great coverage of the event!

  2. And you got a beautiful shot. Gorgeous colors and lots of movement, yes. Nicely done.

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