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GOMA entrance hall

Posted by Jackie on January 21, 2008

I’ve said previously here that I prefer the building of the Gallery of Modern Art to the exhibits. This is I think my favourite bit of it – as you go in the entrance hall, look up and this is what you see. I love it!

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GOMA stained glass

Posted by Jackie on January 20, 2008

At both sides of the Gallery of Modern Art, you can see a modern (how apt!) take on stained glass windows. I like them a lot.

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Cinema for All

Posted by Jackie on January 19, 2008

This mosaic is in the entrance hall of the Glasgow Film Theatre, which is my favourite cinema here. Although it does show some Hollywood films (usually the earnest Hollywood stuff rather than the leave-your-brains-outside-the-door Hollywood stuff) it is mainly the principal place in Glasgow to see art-house and foreign films. I took this picture a while ago but am posting it as we are off to the GFT this evening to see a film which I’ve been trying to see for months (for the Romanians among my readers, it’s “4,3,2” – I’m not expecting it to be a cheerful evening). Glasgow has an annual film festival which starts soon – I wish I was rich and had lots of time, as there are so many films I’d love to see!

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Posted by Jackie on January 18, 2008

This picture was taken from the Squinty Bridge. It shows the building known locally as the Armadillo (for rather obvious reasons) – it is in fact the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC). I like it (though I’ve never been inside yet) – yet another example of Glasgow’s cool architecture.

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The Garage – looking up

Posted by Jackie on January 17, 2008

The Garage on Sauchiehall Street is one of the night clubs in Glasgow. I can’t say I’ve ever been there (I’m far too old for That Sort of Thing!), but I do think the outside is one of the more unusual fronts of a building I’ve seen! (I’m not sure that you can see from this picture, but they even have a dummy driver in that car).

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Squinty Bridge (again)

Posted by Jackie on January 16, 2008

Here’s another view of the Squinty Bridge, taken last winter. It is currently in the news as the other day one of the metal cables snapped and fell on to the road – amazingly there were no cars on the bridge at the time. I read one witness who said it could have squashed a bus, so it’s just incredible that nobody was hurt. It’s now closed while the damage is assessed and may well be closed for some time.

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St Enoch Centre

Posted by Jackie on January 15, 2008

Gail’s Man (from Nottingham DP) commented yesterday about modern architecture (and gave his own example of a particularly hideous specimen). It reminded me of this building, which is the St Enoch shopping centre. I can’t make up my mind if I like it or not – it’s certainly different from most of the other buildings in the area.

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Posted by Jackie on January 14, 2008

The Beresford on Sauchiehall Street was built in 1938 and is known as Glasgow’s first skyscraper (it’s a whopping 10 storeys high 😉 ). It was originally a hotel, but after the war when demand for hotel rooms dropped it became an office block. It was also for a while a hall of residence for Strathclyde University, but it was sold to developers in 2003 and has been reconverted into private apartments (expensive ones, I believe, given the city centre location and the building’s prominence as an example of Art Deco architecture).

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Posted by Jackie on January 13, 2008

All over the city centre there seems to be building work going on. Some builders have made a bit of an effort though to hide the scaffolding and not spoil the view too much by covering it with a drawn-on building. It’s an interesting effect I think!

Thanks for the good wishes. Sorry this photo is a bit late going up today, returning from honeymoon yesterday ended up being a bit of an adventure (the car died in the middle of Scottish nowhere in the dark and cold and we had to be rescued and brought home! Certainly a dramatic start to married life!) so by the time we got home the last thing I was in the mood for was blogging!

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Posted by Jackie on January 12, 2008

Thank you so much for all your kind wishes. I’ve put up a wedding-related photo on the new “Random” tab (see links at the top) if anyone’s interested.  We had a great day!  Today we’re heading home to Glasgow from our honeymoon, so I should be able to start commenting again on other people’s blogs from tomorrow hopefully.

And what better way to say “thankyouverymuch” than with a picture of the King himself, Saint Elvis. I’m not entirely sure what he’s doing by the kid’s section of the Kelvingrove Museum, but he is rather fun!

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