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Posted by Jackie on February 14, 2008

This very strange creature in the Science Centre is the Homunculus. The different parts of the body are sized according to the amount of nerves present in that part of the body. I had no idea that the feet, for example, were so full of nerves! (although as I’m very ticklish on my feet I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised!)

(We did observe that there was a particular part of the body which didn’t seem to have any nerves at all, but of course I couldn’t possibly point that out as this is a family blog!)

10 Responses to “Homunculus”

  1. Edwin said

    what a fascinating creature. i was going to say fascinating little creature but looking at it, only it’s torso is little compared to the appendages.

    I wonder which non-family bit hasn’t any nerves 😛

  2. Hahahahaha! You really cracked me up with this one. 😀

    ♥♥♥♥♥ Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, Jackie. ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Is it not Gollum?

  4. jules said

    How cute – I have seen a photo of this somewhere before. Love it!!!

    I think if it was accurate then the fore mentioned appendage would probably to be too big to fit in the building!!!!

  5. ro_pumpkin said

    hi jackie ! “v” is together with “b” “bv” is short for brasov . just “b” is short for bucuresti .
    thank you so much for your visits

  6. I assume of course that Jackie refers to the male brain!

  7. Jackie said

    An Honest Man, that made me laugh out loud. I couldn’t possibly comment 😀

  8. Chuck said

    And I’ll just bet he’s looking for love this Valentine’s Day, too. Sure hope he doesn’t trip over his big feet! LOL!!

  9. Very interesting, but I think you are right, it is incomplete.

  10. Jana said

    That is a great way to get the point across!

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