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Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

Posted by Jackie on February 15, 2008

One section of the Science Centre is devoted to the various effects and distortions possible using mirrors. I had thought about posting the photo I took of myself in a distorting mirror that made me look really tall and slim, but thought that might be a bit self-indulgent!

3 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, on the wall”

  1. Edwin said

    No no no, not self indulgent at all. It’ll be a fun shot for us to see. I’m sure you weren’t the only person who had fun in this mirror room. 🙂

    Sorry there weren’t any cars that fit your budget.

  2. Curly said

    Amazing, all thjose mirrors and I can’t see you at all!

    Thanks for your recent comments

    from South Shields Daily Photo

  3. Dan said

    That looks like a fun room

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