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Perpetual motion

Posted by Jackie on February 16, 2008

More from the Science Centre. Just opposite the mirrored wall I showed yesterday is this interesting contraption. It’s built in such a way that the ball in the system is constantly moving due to the speeds built up on the way down or the kinetic (it’s kinetic, isn’t it? I never was any good at physics) energy on the way up. It’s really quite hypnotic, I stared at it for ages.

I tried to find the moving ball on this picture but can’t see it – it must have been going too fast!

4 Responses to “Perpetual motion”

  1. Pat said

    Don’t you just love these exhibits? We have a huge Science Centre in Toronto and when I used to drive buses, I loved getting the trips to the SC. We got in free as drivers and the exhibits were fantastic.


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  2. Somebody is cheating somewhere – energy must be getting added in at some point to overcome frictional loss.

  3. z said

    So similar in design to the one near Villigen (you had mentioned the Glasgow one in a comment back then). Our one has several balls, and the ‘observer’ must crank a wheel to get the balls up to the top to get the thing going, and to keep it going (frictional losses, as pointed out by the honest man).

  4. Jackie said

    Actually yes, Z, now you come to mention it I do remember commenting on that photo! I’m glad you got the chance to see ours too!

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