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Getting a sense of perspective

Posted by Jackie on February 18, 2008

The ground floor of this building is a bar called the Star Bar (I presume above it is tenement flats). It’s at a part of the south side called Eglinton Toll, which appears to me to be on the ‘border’ between the Gorbals and Govanhill areas of town. It is, I think, a cheap and cheerful locals’ pub (they advertise 3 course meals from £2!).

It always reminds me of art lessons at school when I was a kid. We always ended up drawing something like this to illustrate perspective, although my buildings always ended up in a sharp point, rather than this curved corner. This angle is looking towards the city centre – both roads on either side of the building head citywards.

5 Responses to “Getting a sense of perspective”

  1. Kim said

    Nice head-on shot of this interesting flatiron building!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. Rose said

    I have been there!!!

  3. Olivier said

    le flatiron de glagow, il est très beau au milieu de la route

    the flatiron of Glagow, it is very beautiful in the middle of the road

  4. There is, or at least were, three or four similar places around Glasgow. The end of Trongate springs to mind.

  5. Lara said

    A great building, and thanks for the info!

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