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Save Pollok Park!

Posted by Jackie on February 19, 2008

The other weekend we took a walk to Pollok Park, another of the South Side’s wonderful green spaces, as we were visiting the fabulous Burrell Collection. As you arrive at the park, this is the sign that greets you – an accolade that the park won last year from a countrywide public vote. The park was gifted to Glasgow in 1969 by the Maxwell family for the enjoyment of the citizens of Glasgow and for the “enhancement of the beauty of the neighbourhood”.

The reason that I’m showing this particular photo is to highlight a campaign called Save Pollok Park. Glasgow City Council is now proposing to give a 21 year lease to build a commercial adventure facility in the North Woods area of the park which will involve the felling of some trees and the use of a large part of the park which is currently set aside for public use. More details are here at the Save Pollok Park campaign website.

According to that site, the Council is claiming that they have had a lot of support for the proposal, but that much of that support has actually come from schoolchildren on the north side of the city. It seems that local opinion is overwhelmingly against the proposal, and the National Trust of Scotland (who now manage the stately home in the park, Pollok House) and representatives of the family have also objected. I hope that by highlighting the campaign this blog will be able to play a small part in preserving the park for its intended use.  I think it’s very ironic that the council are happy to proclaim Pollok Park Britain’s best with big signs like this one, but then push to ruin large parts of it.

3 Responses to “Save Pollok Park!”

  1. annewelsh said

    Thanks for highlighting this. Living in London, I had no idea.

    Have just done the campaigning bit … including signing up for the Facebook group – 731 members as at today, and one of the good uses of Facebook (see here for a good summary of some Facebook campaigns that worked, including getting HSBC to do a U-turn on their plans for student charges)


  2. Salut. Uite un fotoblog din Romania, Bucuresti si nu numai. Numai bine.

  3. On the one hand I sympathise with the Council who have to try to find money to run services in Glasgow, on the other I’d also hate to see any part of Pollock Park turned over to private developers (although part is already used for the Police Horse stables and another for a golf course). OK I’m fence-sitting again!

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