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Sold Oot

Posted by Jackie on February 20, 2008

Every time I go past the Carling Academy on the bus I always check to see who’s playing and how well the tickets are selling. If they’ve sold out they often put up this little message on the front, which always makes me smile.

7 Responses to “Sold Oot”

  1. It made me smile, too. 🙂

    How’s the weather treating you, Jackie? Is it getting warmer out there? I hope so! 🙂

  2. Chuck said

    Yes! Me, too! Sounds very Canadian!!

  3. Lori said

    haha – funny photo! I like your site – thanks for visiting mine.

  4. Ineke said

    Now you can tell i am not a native speaker.
    If i would ride past that i would have said to my husband; oohhh. look, someone made a mistake 😉

  5. Jackie said

    But Ineke, if you lived in Glasgow and said this oot loud, you’d know exactly that they had meant it!

    Actually as I’m English I do sometimes feel in Glasgow like I’m not a native speaker either! 😉

  6. joy said

    That’s funny! Definitely worth sharing.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for leaving your comments.

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    The Goddess In You

  7. Chuck, no it doesn’t. You must think that Canadians say “aboot” instead of “about,” right? C’mon, people, take the brick out of yer ears! 😦

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