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Ashton Lane

Posted by Jackie on February 23, 2008

Nestled between Byres Road and some of the university buildings in the west end is Ashton Lane, which is unlike any other street I’ve seen in Glasgow. Cobbled street, whitewashed buildings – it’s mostly home to bars and restaurants, but it also has a small cinema, the Grosvenor. On the left you can see Jinty McGinty’s Irish pub, and on the right is the Ubiquitous Chip. I like the feel of Ashton Lane, it doesn’t feel like a city street at all. It looks lovely at night with all the little lights on (you can probably see them hanging over the street). Unfortunately I’ve never managed to get a decent photo of it at night, but now that I have a gorillapod to steady my camera I might try again sometime.

I’m away for the weekend so won’t be able to respond to comments or comment on other blogs till Monday.  Pictures will still appear though! 🙂

7 Responses to “Ashton Lane”

  1. What a lovely street. I hope you’ll take a night shot of it one of these days. 🙂

    (Off to google “gorillapod”!)

    Have a nice weekend, Jackie.

  2. The gorillapod is great! I’m getting one the minute I find out who carries it around here (might have to order online). Thank you for mentioning it, Jackie. 😀

  3. Gerald said

    by the eck – my first ever digs in Glasgow were on Ashton Lane but I don’t remember it like this at all – it was just a street of shabby tenements – you had to walk to Byres Rd to find the shops &c. I knew Byres Road had become trendy but Ashton Lane seems to have been transformed into something it never was – what a difference forty years makes.

  4. chuckeroon said

    ..the Gorilla may scare the night-life, but it will bewell worth it. I look forward to the result.

  5. Jackie said

    Actually I may have to leave it a while, as it seems there was a very bad fire in Ashton Lane over the weekend – apparently a hotplate in one of the restaurant kitchens caught fire, and the fire affected a couple of the bars and the cinema, although they were hopeful that all would be open again by tomorrow.

  6. I like this road because it is so… English.

  7. Jackie said

    Ooh Fabrizio, don’t say that to the Scots! Lol (s’ok, I’m English!).

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