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Save Pollok Park!

Posted by Jackie on February 19, 2008

The other weekend we took a walk to Pollok Park, another of the South Side’s wonderful green spaces, as we were visiting the fabulous Burrell Collection. As you arrive at the park, this is the sign that greets you – an accolade that the park won last year from a countrywide public vote. The park was gifted to Glasgow in 1969 by the Maxwell family for the enjoyment of the citizens of Glasgow and for the “enhancement of the beauty of the neighbourhood”.

The reason that I’m showing this particular photo is to highlight a campaign called Save Pollok Park. Glasgow City Council is now proposing to give a 21 year lease to build a commercial adventure facility in the North Woods area of the park which will involve the felling of some trees and the use of a large part of the park which is currently set aside for public use. More details are here at the Save Pollok Park campaign website.

According to that site, the Council is claiming that they have had a lot of support for the proposal, but that much of that support has actually come from schoolchildren on the north side of the city. It seems that local opinion is overwhelmingly against the proposal, and the National Trust of Scotland (who now manage the stately home in the park, Pollok House) and representatives of the family have also objected. I hope that by highlighting the campaign this blog will be able to play a small part in preserving the park for its intended use.  I think it’s very ironic that the council are happy to proclaim Pollok Park Britain’s best with big signs like this one, but then push to ruin large parts of it.

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Getting a sense of perspective

Posted by Jackie on February 18, 2008

The ground floor of this building is a bar called the Star Bar (I presume above it is tenement flats). It’s at a part of the south side called Eglinton Toll, which appears to me to be on the ‘border’ between the Gorbals and Govanhill areas of town. It is, I think, a cheap and cheerful locals’ pub (they advertise 3 course meals from £2!).

It always reminds me of art lessons at school when I was a kid. We always ended up drawing something like this to illustrate perspective, although my buildings always ended up in a sharp point, rather than this curved corner. This angle is looking towards the city centre – both roads on either side of the building head citywards.

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Positive attraction

Posted by Jackie on February 17, 2008

My final picture from the Glasgow Science Centre is of an exhibit which demonstrates something to do with the attraction of positive and negative ions (see, I told you I wasn’t a scientist – that’s about as technical as I can get!). This picture shows the inside of a large crystal ball, and if you just stand and look at it this is what you see. If however you put your hand on the ball all of the random waves you can see emanating out from the nucleus are attracted to your hand in a single wave that looks a bit like lightning – it’s something to do with an attraction of positive and negative charges, but beyond that you’d have to ask the proper scientists! Anyway, I think this is the photo I took at the Science Centre that I was most pleased with.

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Perpetual motion

Posted by Jackie on February 16, 2008

More from the Science Centre. Just opposite the mirrored wall I showed yesterday is this interesting contraption. It’s built in such a way that the ball in the system is constantly moving due to the speeds built up on the way down or the kinetic (it’s kinetic, isn’t it? I never was any good at physics) energy on the way up. It’s really quite hypnotic, I stared at it for ages.

I tried to find the moving ball on this picture but can’t see it – it must have been going too fast!

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Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

Posted by Jackie on February 15, 2008

One section of the Science Centre is devoted to the various effects and distortions possible using mirrors. I had thought about posting the photo I took of myself in a distorting mirror that made me look really tall and slim, but thought that might be a bit self-indulgent!

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Posted by Jackie on February 14, 2008

This very strange creature in the Science Centre is the Homunculus. The different parts of the body are sized according to the amount of nerves present in that part of the body. I had no idea that the feet, for example, were so full of nerves! (although as I’m very ticklish on my feet I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised!)

(We did observe that there was a particular part of the body which didn’t seem to have any nerves at all, but of course I couldn’t possibly point that out as this is a family blog!)

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View north from the Glasgow Tower

Posted by Jackie on February 13, 2008

Looking north whilst still at the top of the Glasgow Tower is this fabulous view. The striking building with the Gothic tower is Glasgow University (and the concrete monstrosity just to the left of the university is the uni library). Beyond the city boundaries you can see the Campsie Hills – one of the great things about living here is that it’s so close to some really great countryside.

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Glasgow Science Centre – view from the Tower

Posted by Jackie on February 12, 2008

The Science Centre, IMAX and Tower are on the south bank of the Clyde, and in fact the design of the Science Centre reflects the history of the Clyde docks – as you can see it was designed to look like an upturned ship, as this is the part of the docks where ships would come to be upturned and cleaned (if I remember the guide correctly – I’m open to correction though if I got that wrong!).

The IMAX cinema is still the only one in Scotland (it’s been open since 2000), and the Science Centre itself has three floors of interactive exhibits. All three buildings – the cinema, Science Centre and Tower, are linked.

Unfortunately yesterday’s photo was the only decent picture I had of the tower – we’d spent so long at the science centre that it was getting dark before I had the chance to do much photographing of the outside. So I shall just have to go back, as it’s a really striking feature. It’s a really interesting (and award-winning) structure – this link explains all the various facts and figures and is well worth a look. It’s the only building in the world capable of rotating 360 degrees into the prevailing wind, though as it’s designed to stop if the wind gets too strong for safety reasons it doesn’t always rotate the entire way round (the day we went it probably rotated about 270 degrees before it stopped, so I was quite pleased with that). It’s also Scotland’s tallest free-standing building. On a clear day you get a 20+ mile view all round – tomorrow I’ll show you a bit of the view.

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Glasgow Science Centre

Posted by Jackie on February 11, 2008

I’m going to post several photos, over the next few days, from the wonderful Glasgow Science Centre. The Science Centre is in fact one of three linked attractions – in this picture it is the smaller dome on the right with the square green window which is in fact a series of lights changing colours, so it could be green, blue, purple, yellow, all sorts. Also in the picture you can see the Glasgow Tower (more of this architectural marvel tomorrow) and on the left is the IMAX cinema.

It’s not the cheapest family day out, but it really is worth the money for loads of things that would engage kids of all ages (if you know what I mean – we were just like big kids in there!).

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Glasgow Central Mosque – dome

Posted by Jackie on February 10, 2008

This photo shows the dome over the main hall, which I understand is designed in such a way to allow lots of natural light inside. I took this picture on a Saturday afternoon in November (hence the remaining few leaves on the trees) – I’m not sure if the kids playing in the courtyard is a regular thing or if it was just a one-off.

The building on the right behind the mosque is Glasgow College of Nautical Studies.

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