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Posted by Jackie on March 2, 2008

This entire week has seen completely vile weather here. Lots of rain, coupled with lots of wind. This picture shows a very common sight in Glasgow at this time of year – on Friday (when I took it) I saw no fewer than six destroyed and abandoned umbrellas just on the very short walk from my office to the bus stop – there was one in every bin! I also saw several different people doing battle with the wind, desperately trying to right their umbrellas that had been blown inside out.

When I first moved to Glasgow from London the umbrella I brought with me lasted about a week and a half. Now, unless the umbrella is big and very strong (in which case you end up with enormous arm muscles as you try to stop taking off like Mary Poppins), I find it’s easier (and cheaper) to just get wet. There’s no point buying those little brollies that fit into a small bag – they don’t last five minutes.

I am *so* ready for summer – let’s hope we get one this year!

6 Responses to “Defeated”

  1. Jilly said

    this made me laugh. It’s happened to me! Good one.

  2. keropokman said

    like jilly, that made me laugh too.

    oh poor old brolly, once you get old, and have osteoporosis, you get dumped!

  3. warriorwitch said

    I’ve lost my share of umbrellas to the wind as well, and one that the cat threw up in.

    Ah well.

    Like your site, great photos

  4. maria said

    I´m always miss my umbrella. It is a classic in my life

  5. Here, it only gets very windy by the harbor and it doesn’t rain all the time either (maybe I should’ve used past tense because this winter we’ve had it with the rain, snow, wind and cold).

    Those little umbrellas are way too small and flimsy, yes.

  6. Kris said

    I enjoyed that photo very much. I like the title too!

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