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Glasgow Expressions

Posted by Jackie on March 5, 2008

This very striking display is just a few of the 95 heads that are suspended from the high ceiling in the ‘Expressions’ area of the Kelvingrove Museum. The museum reopened in summer 2006 after a three year refurbishment, and since then has become not only the most visited attraction in Scotland (getting more visits even than Edinburgh Castle) but also the most visited attraction in the UK after the London museums (and it beats many of them as well).

The display is inspired by the many marble busts that the museum had, and (if I recall correctly) features four different facial expressions. The installation has quickly become absolutely iconic, featuring in pretty much every bit of Glasgow tourist literature you could find, and there is *always* someone standing on the balcony taking pictures of it. There are lights shone on them which change colour every few seconds, so sometimes they appear lit up pink, other times purple or yellow. I like it a lot – like much of the museum’s collection, it isn’t poncey at all, just lots of fun 🙂

6 Responses to “Glasgow Expressions”

  1. That is so cooool. I would certainly go out of my way to see this display.

  2. Very original the way they expose the expresive heads. I would go to see it if it was at Lisbon.

  3. Kim said

    Jackie, What an exciting exhibit! In the thumbnail view the heads looks a bit transparent (like the ghosts in Harry Potter movies). You certainly got an excellent shot of these, and I enjoyed learning about the museum. I also got a new word for my vocabulary: “poncey” was a new one to me. 🙂
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  4. Lynette said

    Totally captivating. I’m glad you took the photo and posted it.

  5. annewelsh said

    I love these – when my partner and I went back to Glasgow after the reopening, they really divided opinion between my parents and us. We love them, and particularly they way the lighting works, but Mum and Dad found them really disturbing. I just think it’s so cool that the Kelvingrove has integrated its older pieces with the new ones, like this.

    And I *love* your shot of them – you’ve managed to catch them looking like they’re talking to each other, and I like the lady walking down the stairs.

    Another great Glasgow memory to start my day in London. Thanks loads!


  6. ioanna said

    Absolutely dreamy! Art makes me happy!

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