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Posted by Jackie on March 14, 2008

I took this back in November last year when we were up in town in the dark for the Radiance Light Festival from which I showed a few pictures. The Necropolis is the very famous (and big, and scary) cemetery next to Glasgow Cathedral, and it had a few bits and pieces being lit up so we took a look (I’m not sure I’d particularly want to walk round it in the dark otherwise!). This was just one of the (enormous) headstones.

Technical details: equipment used – one dinky point’n’press digital camera, one handy nearby stone wall to rest the camera on, one very long deep breath, and lots of hoping for the best as I couldn’t see anything through the viewfinder as it was so dark. I didn’t use any colour filters or adjust the colours afterwards – the orange in the sky is purely down to light pollution.

3 Responses to “Necropolis”

  1. I like cemetries, they hold so much history just by looking at a tombstone you can get so much information. Nice picture the orange is giving it great effect.

  2. I thought it was just a black photo until I read your text, I had to take off my filter screen to take a look at it. LOL

  3. During the day it is possible to see deer grazing amongst the tombs – odd, but for some reason suitable.

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