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Central Station – Hellaman’s Umbrella

Posted by Jackie on March 18, 2008

Central Station is the bigger of two terminus stations in Glasgow (the other being Queen Street, a 5 minute walk away), and is the one you use if you want to take an intercity train south of the border to England. According to wikipedia it is the UK’s busiest station outside of London, seeing 34 million visitors pass through every year. Architecturally it’s quite a gem – it’s fronted by the Quality Hotel in Gordon Street (which apparently was where John Logie Baird transmitted the first ever long-distance television pictures in 1927), but is also known for this glass-walled bridge which extends the station over Argyle Street (which runs underneath). Apparently the bridge is known as “Hellaman’s Umbrella” (though I must admit I’d not heard of that name before reading wikipedia just now) as it used to be a gathering place for visiting Highlanders. Underneath are a number of shops and bars and restaurants, and also the Arches nightclub.

The wikipedia entry for the station, including another photo of the bridge showing cars driving underneath it, is here.

4 Responses to “Central Station – Hellaman’s Umbrella”

  1. Ex West Ender said

    The nickname ‘Heilanman’s Umbrella’ is a typical example of Glasgow humour.
    Highlanders had a reputation for being ‘tight with their money’ – They could shelter from the rain under the bridge for free without incurring the unecessary cost of an umbrella!

    Thanks for your daily photo – keeps me in touch with my home city.

  2. Ex West Ender said

    Further to my somewhat’tongue in cheek’ comment earlier, I acknowledge, rather guiltily, that many of the Highlanders who used to congregate and shelter under the Central Bridge had had come to Glasgow looking for work, were poor and couldn’t afford an umbrella even if they wanted one.
    My apologies to Highlanders!

  3. Jackie said

    Indeed – there’s always two sides to the story. Thanks for your comments, Ex West Ender, I hope this blog isn’t making you homesick! Very glad to have you along 🙂

  4. Brilliant picture

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