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Evening Times building – my 15 minutes of fame!

Posted by Jackie on March 20, 2008

Last week I was interviewed and photographed by the Evening Times which is Glasgow’s main evening newspaper. Yes, they’ve done a feature about this very blog – I’ll put up a link to the online version when I get it. This building, which also houses the national papers The Herald and The Sunday Herald, is at the top of Renfield Street in the city centre.

I’m away now till the end of the month, but pictures will still appear – hope you enjoy them! (and welcome if you’ve come here from the Evening Times article 🙂 )

6 Responses to “Evening Times building – my 15 minutes of fame!”

  1. Ah the power of the press!!!

  2. Sonia said

    Wow! Congratulations!

  3. This moody, dark light made me think the subject was some industrial derelict before I looked at the details. I think that’s how a lot of Americans envision Glasgow but I learned differently when I visited your city. Congratulations on the newspaper article.

  4. marley said

    Your famous! Can I have your autograph?! 🙂

    Well done for getting the coverage. Enjoy your break too 🙂

  5. Jana said


  6. Gails_man said

    I had my 15 minutes last year, when the Nottingham Evening Post did an article. They even printed one of my photos.

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