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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Posted by Jackie on April 5, 2008

When I first moved to Glasgow I must admit to being really surprised at the sheer number of tanning salons there are here. This is one of three just in one road. I can kind of understand it, given that we don’t exactly have year-round sun here, but I can’t say I find orange skin that appealing, so I think I’ll stick to a less loud skin tone myself 🙂

7 Responses to “Hot! Hot! Hot!”

  1. Kate said

    Good for you! Tanned skin is so very attractive but tanning studios are really very dangerous. Your post is pretty breathtaking, tho!!

  2. Doctors here would argue there’s no such thing as a healthy tan.

    I was curious when I saw the thumbnail on the portal it didn’t seem too Glasgow at all, but the context is quite clear now!

  3. How un-Scottish! And how stupid! As obvious as the facts are, lots of people don’t get it. Like most Scots, I an very pale – Irish on one side and Polish on the other. I’ve had melanoma and was very lucky that it was found early. Tanning salons should be put in a circle of hell just above cigarette smoking.

  4. I don’t tan easily (fair skinned, look like a tomato after just half an hour under the sun) and can’t even stand natural sunbathing. Why is tanned skin attractive? Humans are so silly, aren’t we?

  5. Lara said

    lots of such things here too. I like getting tanned, but only in summer, at the seaside. not healthy either, but at least I don’t look fake 🙂

  6. Livio said

    Very nice shots in your blogs! If you want get a sun tan why you don’t came in Italy?

  7. Gails_man said

    Keep pale & interesting if I were you. Have you seen the faces of women who always use sun beds? They look like wrinkled leather.

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