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Spring is sprunging :)

Posted by Jackie on April 8, 2008

Still at Queen’s Park, the moorhens (or is it coots? – general consensus round here is that they’re moorhens, but I always get the two mixed up), ducks and swans are starting to build their nests on the upper pond, and there’s lots of blobs of frogspawn in there too. In a month or so there’ll be lots of ducklings/cygnets/moorchicks (I presume that’s what you call baby moorhens!) so I shall try to get pictures of them when they arrive.

6 Responses to “Spring is sprunging :)”

  1. Wendy said

    Lovely water photo.

  2. Coot and Moorhen, so the general consensus is correct!

    I agree with Wendy, excellent photogeaph of what I find to be a difficult subject.

  3. babooshka said

    The Moorhen joke made me groan.Lovely light on the water.The manx signs seem to have disappeared, usually everything gets spruced up for the TT, so i will lookk for Huses or buliding with Manx wording.

  4. Jackie,

    I also meant to say to use the RSPB site to identify what ducks are on the ponds – probably some Mallards, but may be others e.g. Teal, Tufted Ducks…….

    Use , , .

  5. I’m tired! I used angle brackets in the second sentence and they were interpreted as tags.

    It should have read ” Use {Birds & Wild Life}, {Birds by Family}, {Swans, Ducks and Geese}.”

  6. Jackie said

    Thanks folks. They were indeed difficult subjects – not only did they not stay still, they’re surprisingly fast!

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