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Ally’s Barbers

Posted by Jackie on April 9, 2008

In the UK we seem to be quite creative with our punning, especially when it comes to barbers and hairdressers (“Curl up and dye” is a common name for a hairdressers). This one is near the St Enoch Centre, and it was over a year before I noticed the pun. Now it makes me smile every time.

8 Responses to “Ally’s Barbers”

  1. Lara said

    you know it already, in RO there are more hairdressers for women. Men have to take care of their hair themselves :))

  2. babooshka said

    I think this pun is better than most, and not one i’ve come across before. Well spotted. We have dirth, “cut above”, and recently “hairobics2

  3. marley said

    Pun-tastic! I saw a good sign outside a iron/metal works who make gates etc. The business was called Wrought and Curlys. It made me laugh!

  4. Jackie said

    Heh. My all-time favourite pun (which may be an urban myth, but I so so so so so hope it’s true as it’s so hilarious and inspired) is someone I know who claimed to have seen a mobile fast-food van with the logo “Jason’s Donner Van”.

  5. marley said

    Jackie, that is sooo good! Made me laugh. I know of another one. It is on the side of an ariel fitters van. It says “satisfaction guaranteed with every erection”!

  6. CrazyCow said

    Excellent. I love it when people find a clever name for their business. The first one I remember seeing was many years ago – a sign on the side of a building announcing “Toby’s Radiator Works” and under that it said “Does yours?”.

  7. Ham said

    Nice one!

  8. Beauitful

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