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Posted by Jackie on April 17, 2008

In common with museums up and down the country, the Kelvingrove has free entry. I just think that’s brilliant – for people like me who don’t have an enormous income, it keeps art and culture, and the general weird and wonderfulness displayed within the Kelvingrove (like this giraffe and spitfire, which has featured on this blog before now) accessible. I haven’t been to the Kelvingrove for a while – must pop in again soon. These donation boxes appear at both entrances – museums receive government funding, but also rely on the donations of grateful visitors.

6 Responses to “Donations”

  1. Lara said

    art exhibitions should be for free.

  2. Kris said

    I certainly don’t mind the offer to contribute back when visiting a museum or art gallery. You don’t have to put in, but if I have the means or opportunity to keep something going or allow for upgrades, I’m happy to do so.

    I’d rather something like this than a flat entry fee, subscription or people going around asking for your credit card details as you so often do.

  3. annewelsh said

    It always makes me proud that Glasgow’s museums and galleries have always been free. Free access breaks down barriers, both literally and metaphorically, and stops art and artefacts being the preserve of a niche group in society. Long may it remain so. But then, I would say that, being both a West Coaster and a Librarian. ; P

  4. babooshka said

    Absolutely agree museums and galleries libraries should remain free to encourage access to all. Honesty Boxes are still the best idea we have to enable everyone to contribute,whatever they can afford.

  5. Just to be slightly pedantic, it isn’t free – it’s just that the visitors don’t have to pay for it. The funding has to come from somewhere! Is it fair to land the residents of Glasgow with the bill for ‘outsiders’ pleasure?

  6. Jackie said

    Thanks for all the comments. An Honest Man, I agree nothing’s truly “free”, but I’d much sooner have museums and the like subsidised from my council tax than have them just be the preserve of those who can afford to pay for them. And as I benefit from museums in other places funded by other people’s council taxes, I can’t really complain about outsiders enjoying the Kelvingrove 🙂

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