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“To be set and sown in the garden”

Posted by Jackie on April 19, 2008

An old picture, this (you can tell it’s not recent – too many leaves on the trees! Most trees are still bare, or only just showing the merest hint of new leaves). This area of grass is over the road from Glasgw University’s main building, and the formal formation of low bushes and blocks for sitting on is a 2001 installation by Christine Borland called “To be set and sown in the garden”.

The round building in the background is known as the Round Reading Room (for rather obvious reasons) although it hasn’t been a reading room for some years. It now houses some of the university’s computing services, and also some student councils.

2 Responses to ““To be set and sown in the garden””

  1. This is a wonderful spring shot, the building in the rear is also interesting, like a sun room with a view, it would have made a wonderful reading room.

  2. wffariza said

    oh i love this place!

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