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“There Shall Be A Scottish Parliament”

Posted by Jackie on April 23, 2008

This statue, at the top of Buchanan Street, is of Donald Dewar, the first First Minister of Scotland following the formation of the devolved Scottish Parliament in 1999. He died the following year. He remains one of Scotland’s most respected politicians, though he was by all accounts a modest man.

The statue was unveiled by Tony Blair in 2002. After restoration in 2005 it was placed on a 6foot high plinth to try to deter vandals. The title of this blog entry, “There Shall Be A Scottish Parliament”, is inscribed around the plinth – they are the opening words of the Scotland Act.

6 Responses to ““There Shall Be A Scottish Parliament””

  1. I’ve been by the parliament building in Edinburgh but it wasn’t open to the public at the time. The statue reflects the personality you describe, with the suit coat open and hands behind the back – a sincere, unprepossessing man.

  2. Unveiled in 2002 and already had to be restored in 2005… What’s wrong with people?

  3. There shall be a Scottish Parliament building – and who cares what it costs!

  4. marley said

    He was a modest man, and did so much for Scotland and what he believed in. If only more politicans were like that. Its a great statue, very fitting tribute.

  5. babooshka said

    A fitting tribute to a modest man who worked tirelessly for Scotalnd captured fabulously. You are really showing off parts of Glascow that most of us are unfamiliar with.

  6. Honesttruth said

    With all due respect.Dewar was a Benedict Arnold/Vidkund Quisling….When Scottish independence is gained again, this pathetic monument to a rank traitor will be hauled down like Saddam’s. Dewar was a Rat,and is no loss to Scotland…..Otherwise I like your stuff,kind regards.

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