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Tollbooth Steeple

Posted by Jackie on April 28, 2008

This is one of only three crowned steeples in the country, and is all that remains of the 17th century tollbooth at Glasgow Cross, at the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City (the former centre of administration and trade for the city). The original tollbooth was built in 1626 and also housed a prison and courthouse (as described by Sir Walter Scott in “Rob Roy”). A commenter on this picture in flickr also thought that hangings took place here, which wouldn’t surprise me given that it was a prison and courthouse.

I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting other photo blogs recently, real life has taken over a bit – as it tends to from time to time! I do hope to be able to catch up this week though!

5 Responses to “Tollbooth Steeple”

  1. Curly said

    Great picture you have for us today Jackie, part of Glasgow’s grisly history,
    I’m offering a Big Thank You for CDP support.

    from South Shields Daily Photo

  2. Olivier said

    très bonne photo et très bonne idée de présentation, bravo

    very good photograph and a very good idea of presentation, bravo

  3. Ex West Ender said

    Nice photo Jackie – but perhaps the Tollbooth could be returned to one of its previous uses. I’d like to see those responsible for allowing the totally unsympathetic building in the background to be built on this historic site locked up in it.

  4. marley said

    Good photo. I like the angle! Its nice to have a bit of history still standing.

  5. Gerald said

    Here is my 1967 picture of Trongate for comparison

    If you think you could work out where I took mine from, it might be good to show the old and new together on one of our blogs sometime.

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