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Trongate clock steeple

Posted by Jackie on April 29, 2008

Just opposite the Tollbooth (see yesterday) on Trongate is the clock steeple. The building was originally the Tron church, but it has now been redeveloped into a theatre (called, unsurprisingly, the Tron). It really stands out among the more modern shops and amusement arcades and the like (the north side of the street, opposite this, is still in need of some considerable development). The Panopticon (featured a couple of weeks ago) is just up the road from here.

Weather watchers take note: this picture was not taken yesterday (grey, very wet, miserable, the usual)!

3 Responses to “Trongate clock steeple”

  1. You should have come down to the coast – it was lovely down here! What a difference of 40 miles makes.

  2. babooshka said

    In an word Trumpton. As soon a I saw it I thought of the old 70’s kids series Trumpton. Something very Bavarian about it aswell. I was going to say you have a lovely blue sky agin, well you do on that pic.

  3. Katya said

    Jackie, I absolutely love the color blue and was going to comment on the blue of the clock and sky! This is one very nicely composed photo!

    Don’t feel baly about the grey, wet, miserable skies….yesterday, I was photographing beautiful BLUE skies, and this morning as the Scotties and I walked in the woods, I was humming “Winter Wonderland” as the snowflakes fell on us. Happily, they did NOT stick!!!!

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