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Sir Roger

Posted by Jackie on April 30, 2008

Sir Roger the Asian elephant is one of the Kelvingrove Museum’s oldest exhibits. He was part of a travelling menagerie known as the Scottish Zoo which came to Glasgow around 1900. He unfortunately developed a condition called musth which made him very aggressive, and he was put down after attacking his keeper. Apparently the taxidermists had to remove the window from the front of the shop to get him out again! He now stands in the west court of the Kelvingrove, just in front of the giraffe and Spitfire. During the renovation of the museum, if I recall correctly (I’m trying to remember the blurb from memory, and it’s been a while) most of the exhibits were removed but as the elephant is so big he was just encased in a big box and the renovators worked round him. [I do hope I didn’t just make that up and start a new urban myth!]

4 Responses to “Sir Roger”

  1. Kate said

    Saw another elephant earlier today on someone’s blog. My very favorite animal.

  2. Gerald said

    Brilliant story!

  3. Katya said

    Poor Sir Roger has quite the legend behind him, eh? Quite an amazing display he is!

  4. Don’t worry … even if it’s a myth, it’s a good one!

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