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Hope Street and chimney

Posted by Jackie on May 6, 2008

In the background of my black and white Botanic Gardens photo from a week or so ago, you will have seen a chimney spewing out white smoke. Here it is again, from another angle – this is coming up Hope Street in the City Centre, where it looks like the chimney is at the end of the street. It seems that, come rain or shine, the distillery is always working, always producing this smoke – I’m not sure I’d want to live too near it, though I suppose smoke smelling of whisky is better than some other smells! You can see the chimney (and smoke) from loads of places around the city, it’s a very distinctive landmark.

3 Responses to “Hope Street and chimney”

  1. Unfortunately, the smoke doesn’t smell of whisky, just smoke & steam. You do frequently get the very distinctive odour of the wash backs depending on the wind direction.

  2. babooshka said

    That looks so odd to me now. Living on a island for far too long. Takes me back to my midlans roots, the Black country. It’s a Brilliant photo, capturely just at the right moment.

  3. Brian said

    i’m not sure if i’d like to live too close to it either.. maybe if it was a beer plant i’d like it better =) although stale beer wouldn’t be a good odor either

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