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Enjoying the sun

Posted by Jackie on May 8, 2008

The weather has been gorgeous this week, so rather than staying late in the office (as per my good intentions) I left at 5.30 and wandered up to the Botanic Garden. I’ll show a few photos over the next few days. This is people enjoying the sun – (you can’t really see from this picture how blue the sky was – it’s been really glorious). I suspect most of them are students having a break from revision.

7 Responses to “Enjoying the sun”

  1. Adam said

    That looks like a beautiful place to go!

  2. Can’t wait to see some more pictures of the Botanic Gardens. It is a very impressive looking building.

  3. Kris said

    Very ‘Crystal Palace’!

  4. Lolade said

    It’s very interesting to see people going out to get some sunshine while sitting on grass. We take those things for granted here because we get a little too much sunning everyday. Thanks for a new perspective.

  5. always was a nice place to wander

  6. Katya said

    Ah, that looks like the most wonderful setting in which to enjoy the sun and fresh air! Our skies are, well, to the Scottish…DREICH! Blah!!! This morning, there was even a fog about us.

    Enjoy the good weather!

  7. marley said

    It has been gorgeous! Its been a shock to the system – one minute cold, the next hot! I hope it continues 🙂

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