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bad news

Posted by Jackie on May 31, 2008

Although I’ve tried to be very positive on this blog about all that Glasgow has to offer, it does also have its more unpleasant side, like any city. Since Thursday Queens Park, which regularly features here, has been closed, and this mobile Incident Unit parked in front of the entrance. On Thursday morning a woman’s body was found by one of the park rangers. They won’t reopen the park until the forensic team have finished combing the area – it’s not clear when that will be.

This is very close to home – I often refer to Queens Park as my back garden. I still feel very safe here, but still – it’s a very bad thing to happen. My thoughts and prayers are with the woman’s family and friends.

5 Responses to “bad news”

  1. Adam said

    That’s awful, I hope for safety for you and yours. Hopefully the culprit is caught.

  2. Gerald said

    It is awful when these things happen on your back door. All the best now.

  3. Thankfully the stats on such crime are very low, but as you say it’s your backyard. Keep smiling!

  4. marley said

    Not nice. Still, you have to show a city and all its sides.

  5. Katya said

    Jackie, that is just so terrible and sad. It sounds as though Glasgow has little crime compared to many big cities. We lived in Rochester, NY, previously to living in the Bristolwood, and we were living in a high-crime area…but…*most* all of the crimes committed were drug-related. Since we had no involvement in such activities, we were (relatively) safe.

    Hopefully, the park will open soon and we can enjoy some more of your beautiful pictures from there!!!

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