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Posted by Jackie on May 21, 2008

Glasgow’s so cultured these days even the car parks are stylish!

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Posted by Jackie on May 20, 2008

Looking up for a second day, this time in the Merchant City area of town, this impressive statue sits above the Italian Centre, which is a complex of buildings and courtyards which now house restaurants (including some with outdoor seating) and designer shops.

I’m not actually in Glasgow at the moment (back home in a few days, hooray!), so this is an archive picture. If Glasgow weather is anything like south-of-the-border weather at the moment, the sky won’t have been this colour for a while!

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Govanhill Library

Posted by Jackie on May 19, 2008

I’ve demonstrated (I hope!) that central Glasgow is full of all sorts of interesting architecture. Down on the south side on Calder Street, which is mostly a slightly run-down street full of tenement flats and an abandoned swimming pool, this grand dome sits on top of Govanhill Library, giving us southerners a bit of grandeur to look at as well 🙂

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Kelvingrove heads (again)

Posted by Jackie on May 18, 2008

Here’s a shot of the iconic Kelvingrove heads again from a different angle from the last time I showed them. This picture gives an idea of the size of the installation – in total I think there are something like 95 hanging heads. It really is the most striking sight!

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Trongate Clock Steeple again

Posted by Jackie on May 17, 2008

I’ve shown the steeple before, but here it is from another angle – as you can see with the orangey walls it really does stand out from the rest of the street.

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Queens Park blossom

Posted by Jackie on May 16, 2008

There have been a few blossom pictures around the various daily photo blogs recently – finally it’s appeared in Scotland too, this is from last week, still in Queens Park.

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Posted by Jackie on May 15, 2008

The reason I went to Queens Park last week specifically was because I was hoping to see new shiny ducklings and cygnets. Unfortunately, although I saw a couple of baby coots from afar (too far away to get a good picture, sadly), it was still a couple of weeks too early for the ducks. The best I could do was this abandoned bottle of Bucky (which, for the uninitiated, is somewhat unfortunately associated with Glasgow (and Scotland more widely) drinking culture – more info here ).

[Update: thanks Gerald for the heads-up – here’s a great case of great minds thinking alike – Barrow Daily Photo from yesterday]

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Queens Park walkway

Posted by Jackie on May 14, 2008

To the south side now, and it only seems a few weeks ago that the trees were completely bare. Not any more – I think summer’s on the way! (and not before time …!).

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Squirrel, Botanic Garden

Posted by Jackie on May 13, 2008

Outside the Kibble Palace, this little fella was munching away in the middle of the path seemingly oblivious to all the people wandering around. Much like the squirrel that eats the bulbs from my flowerpots in my garden – I can be hammering on the window yelling at it and it doesn’t bat an eyelid, just carries on eating!

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Kibble Palace again

Posted by Jackie on May 12, 2008

Here’s one last picture from inside the Kibble Palace, before heading outside again tomorrow.

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