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GoMA ceiling

Posted by Jackie on June 8, 2008

This is a view looking up in the main exhibition room of the Gallery of Modern Art. It’s a massive contrast to the black and white vinyl floor in the same room, which I showed you the other week, from the Jim Lambie “Forever Changes” exhibition. But equally striking, I think.

8 Responses to “GoMA ceiling”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous ceiling.

  2. Adam said

    Ohhh I love the curves in the picture! Very cool.

  3. Katya said

    That is simply exquisite! It is so impressive when compared to “modern” ceilings. Funny…as we advance so much, seems like old qualities and ideals fall by the wayside…

  4. marley said

    Now thats what you call classical. Something that is always going to be popular.

  5. Dianne said

    that’s a lovely image. I like ceilings 🙂
    I can stare up and daydream for quite a while.

  6. It’s called the dialog between the old and the new.

  7. babooshka said

    One of the things photographers learn quickly, look up. It is so intricate and very pretty. I have just looked up at my own monotonous ceiling,yawn. Yours is constantly chnging as I view.

  8. Kim said

    Wow, I just love this ceiling, I wonder how it would look in my house 🙂

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