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Lansdowne Parish Church

Posted by Jackie on June 19, 2008

Landsdowne Parish Church (which I can never spell, I hope I got it right this time!) is on Great Western Road, just down the road from St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral. It is a Church of Scotland church (which is why it is a parish church). Sadly, although the building is beautiful and impressive on the outside, as I understand it much of the interior is in very poor condition and the congregation have to meet in the church hall rather than in the main church building. There was something in the paper a year or so ago about it possibly going into partnership with an arts group to develop the church as a theatre space as well as a church space, but I haven’t heard if anything has come of that. Any locals know?

I’m back from my conference (which went well Fenix, thanks for asking 🙂 ). I’ll try and catch up with people soon.

5 Responses to “Lansdowne Parish Church”

  1. Kris said

    That is one impressive spire. I wouldn’t have liked to have been the bloke to build that! Lovely photograph.

  2. Ex West-Ender said

    I was very sad to hear that the interior of the church has fallen into disrepair. I remember attending some services there when I was a member of the Scottish Schoolboys Club which had its headquarters round the corner in a very nice building in Landsdowne Crescent.
    Also did you know that this is the tallest church spire in Glasgow?

  3. babooshka said

    Dramatic shot. Nothing like a church spire against suh a sky. It actually looks so well cared for Shows you how deceptive photography can be.

  4. Katya said

    What an awesome church…it is so disheartening when such impressive edifices are not kept up. Weather and time certainly do have a way of degrading the works of mans’ hands…..

  5. Fantastic picture of the church. I am the minister and if you go to

    you can find out more about our situation…

    Thanks for the interest!

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