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Open wide….

Posted by Jackie on June 24, 2008

Another room in the glasshouse is devoted to cacti and succulents. This stunning little flower was attached to a cactus, and seemed to be gaping open so much it made me think of the dentist – “say aaaaahhhhh!”

4 Responses to “Open wide….”

  1. Oh, no! The D word! Poor little flower. Such a sassy lil’ thing. 🙂

  2. Katya said

    Gorgeous capture, Jackie! Yeah, I am afraid that does remind one of the dreaded dentist, eh? Absolutely love the pale tinges of pink on the edges!!!

  3. Lara said

    or woooooooooooow! wonderful flower!

  4. deslilas10 said

    Bouche bée !

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